एक अरज

कोई आंधी मुझे  क्या तोड़े

मेरे सपनो  में  हौसलों के रंग

बस इतना करम करे मेरा भगवान्

न आसमान से वफ़ा में हो कमी

और न ज़मीन को जफ़ा दे कदम

कॉपीराइट 2013 @सोमक्रित्य


14 responses

  1. बड़ी अच्छी है अरज ! वाह वाह !!

  2. बड़ी अच्छी है अरज ! वाह वाह !!

  3. Word Hug 🙂 I love You xo and wanna start a page for raising awareness on Facebook – Autism – you know where to find me 😉 ……..Love to You and B xxx 🙂 xx

  4. very nice ..

    Shilpa Chandorkar


  5. कोई आंधी मुझे क्या तोड़े
    मेरे सपनो में हौसलों के रंग…. Waah kitni achchhi baat kahi hai ..

    1. Thanks Manju ji bahut dino baad yaha aana hua, aapka comment pad kar bahut achha laga 🙂

  6. Your poem looks very beautiful…. and I’m sure it reads just as beautifully… damn, another language to learn! 😉


    1. Haven’t been here for quite some time now, this one means nobody or nothing can break me, even my dreams are caressed with courage and will , only thing I ask is neither I betray the sky nor look away from the ground..
      ok very bad translation but it means all I want to stay strong is I remain in touch with sky and soil both

      1. That’s beautiful, strummed a chord in me there… thank you 🙂


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